It's Nice to Feel Like Part of the Family

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It was a rainy night at a home in River Oaks where I was called to play for a wedding. The streets were getting flooded as I waited for the time to play. Ron, who booked me for the gig came out to me, and invited me in the house to get out of the rain. I took him up on the offer and made my way into the house. There was quite a bit going on in the house to get ready for the wedding. I made my way outside to get ready to play. 

After playing for the wedding I was invited to stay for the reception to have dinner. I sat with the family and had wonderful conversations with the bride and groom. I stayed for a several hours then made my way home. 

I received a card that I want to share...

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The card reads:


Thank you for making our wedding amazing. You are a fantastic bagpiper. You also make a fantastic guest. You are so interesting and fun to talk to. We wish you a successful future!


Christina and Ron

It's nice to feel like you are part of the family even though you were hired to perform a service!