The 6th Annual Texas Fallen Heroes Memorial Ride & Cook-Off


The 6th Annual Texas Fallen Heroes Memorial Ride & Cook-Off was held on May 16th, 2015 to honor and remember the crew of Hermann Life Flight 1- Captain John Pittman, Flight Nurse Lynn Ethridge, and Flight Paramedic Charles “Mac” Atteberry (LODD July 17, 1999).


“Remembering the Survivors by Never Forgetting the Fallen”

“The mission of the Texas Line of Duty Death Task Force is to provide excellent, compassionate, and immediate care to those who have been injured in the line of duty and to the families of those who have died in the line of duty. We also provide caring and objective assistance to departments who have suffered a line of duty injury or death of a member. We believe in giving full respect to the dignity of each individual that we work with, whether it be a family member, an officer, or a rank and file emergency worker. Our wish is to show honor to the fallen (both injured and those who have died) in the work that we do."

Yearly, an event is held to raise money for the organization to help those in need. A cook-off was held by various teams to see who had the best bar-b-que. There were other events that happened through out the weekend as well.

On Saturday evening the event closed with an awards ceremony followed by a memorial to remember the medics who lost their lives in life flight incidences. 

People were gathered under a pavillion listening and remembering those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. I started the memorial by playing "Amazing Grace". When finished, the names of the deceased were called out and a wreath was set in front of the people as a memorial to those who had passed. When finished, I went to the life flight booth to play a tune to colse out the evening. 


 Had to take a photo with the medical crew.

IMG 2917

IMG 2919 1

The pilot and flight nurse are going to lay the memorial wreath at the crash site where the entire crew lost their lives.

IMG 2920

IMG 2921




Playing "Amazing Grace" as the bird took off.



I must say this was an uplifting experience.


After all was over, I was invited to have some Bar-b-que with some friends that I knew.