Playing bagpipes for a friend

I became friends with a lady by the name of Sharil who attends the same church as me. We serve at Sagemont Church in Houston, Texas. In 2013 I went on a mission trip to Kenya, Africa to teach ukulele to some children who attend a private school in one of the world's largest slums in Africa. Sharil signed up to go on the trip as well. Over the coarse of the trip, she and I became good friends which continues to this day

I received a phone call from Sharil in early 2015 that her mother had passed away. My heart sank when I received the call. Sharil was strong and held up well, all things considering. I offered to play my bagpipes for the memorial service if she would like for me to.

 Sharil was blessed that I would offer and took me up on the offer. She asked me to play "Amazing Grace" at the end of the service in hornor of her mother.

 Violet Roberson passed away in 2015.

Violet R

Sharill Roberson and Mom

My friend Sharill Roberson and her mother Violet.

This memorial service was filled with many laughs because of the life Voilet lead. 

I ended the service playing Amazing Grace. This was a beautiful close to a beautiful lady.

I was so blessed to be able to play for my friends.

I love you Sharill!

Roberson letter