American Cancer Society Bagpipes

The American Cancer Society had a fundraising event at Bentwater Counrty Club on April 7. There were over 100 ladies who participated in a golf tournament to help raise money for the organization.

I was asked to play for the event to open the tournament. The leaders of the event asked me to play a tune as I walked up the fairway towards the club house as balloons were being released by cancer survivors. This was an opportunity for the survivors to reflect on their healings and remember those who have passed away due to cancer.

This was a beautiful morning. There was a cool morning breeze with cloudy skies. The sun tried to break through at times but the clouds remained. As the balloons were being released I started playing "Highland Cathedral", a beautiful tune, as the ladies released multi-colored balloons. I continued to play, walking towards the ladies and stopped when I got close to them. I finished playing the tune, took some photos with the ladies, and then made my way home.

I could tell by the look in the ladies eyes they appreciated what the leaders had done in hiring a bagpiper. It is always fulfilling when I see that my playing has touched the heart of the listeners.




Playing while walking up the fairway.