Dreams Do Come True!

    I was contacted this year by a lady named Monica inquiring information on hiring a bagpiper for her wedding. Monica told me about a dream her fiance had, having a group of pipers play "Amazing Grace" as she walked down the aise. In the dream he described how the sound of "Amazing Grace" got louder and louder as the pipers approached. He said there was one piper that started and others joined. Monica talked with me to see about making his dream come true. She wanted this to be a surprise to her fiance and also with 4 pipers playing at different times as they walked to the alter.

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    It's Nice to Feel Like Part of the Family

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      It was a rainy night at a home in River Oaks where I was called to play for a wedding. The streets were getting flooded as I waited for the time to play. Ron, who booked me for the gig came out to me, and invited me in the house to get out of the rain. I took him up on the offer and made my way into the house. There was quite a bit going on in the house to get ready for the wedding. I made my way outside to get ready to play. 

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      Duct tape saved the bagpipes in India

        Several times a year I travel overseas with my church to tell others about what Jesus has done in my life and invite others to have a personal relationship with Him. Every time I travel I bring along a set of bagpipes I have that I use as a spare in case I have a problem with my "good" pipes. The pipes I usually perform on are made out of wood while my back up pipes are made out of plastic. Because of this, it makes sence to take the plastic pipes when traveling overseas. Traveling can be hard on your bags.

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